About MittenGirl

The Challenge: Write an informative, yet snappy “About Page” for your new blog.

Accepted by: MittenGirl (aka Michele), residing in the Northeast portion of New Jersey, which is in the Northeast region of these United States.

So, my name is Michele, and I live in the first suburb on your way into New Jersey proper once you leave New York City. I’ve lived here my whole life, loved and defended it to all haters, yet lately I find myself dreaming of Texas. I think I watch too much HGTV’s Fixer Upper, and read too many books set there. In addition to being entirely too cramped in our condo/co-op/apartment (whatever explanation works for you, it’s actually a co-op, but some are unfamiliar with the term), I recently turned 40, and am contemplating a big change of scenery now that I’ve crested that hill. Yet another reason is that my family is even further along in the process of migrating south. Wide, open spaces…

I refer to myself and my lifestyle as “Mitten”. To me, a mitten is a perfectly acceptable, reasonably common (and in a lot of ways, the better choice) hand covering. Yet my world is full of gloves. Kids don’t grow up assuming they are going to be mittens, it’s “Glove Life” all the way, until you reach adulthood and find yourself on the fringes of the normal (kids, house, marriage, security — the mainstream).

Sharing my life and my space is my fiancé (fi/Fi/FI), John, whom I love to itty bitty bits and pieces. We have been together 7 years and counting so far, but have known each other for almost double that. You may also see him referred to as “Hot Train Boy” or “HTB”. With him come his children, and the youngest, 11, spends the weekend with us on an irregular schedule. So, in a way, I am part of the mainstream adult society with some of the worries and responsibilities of parenting, but not all. Mitten.

I love my family, and will speak often (wax rhapsodically) about my niece and nephew. I have an older sister and brother-in-law, great parents, plus the usual complement of big-Italian-family-type relatives. My best friend and I have known each other since 4th grade, and have recently celebrated our 30-year anniversary. We have big plans for the old folks’ home, her and I.

This blog will contain missives, ponderings, and sometimes rants about the following: child loss, frequent miscarriage, unemployment, being in a long-term engagement, debt, the joys (snort!) of living in a tiny apartment with two (sometimes three) people, turning 40, trying to obtain my degree, and just feeling different. I won’t limit myself to only these topics. As an aspiring writer with a curious mind, there can be any one of a number of things posted on this blog. It could be a long rant on society’s insensitivity to the “1 in 4″ (miscarriage/child loss statistic) one day, and a two-line post about a song lyric that won’t leave my mind the next. Mitten.

Thank you for your interest!




4 thoughts on “About MittenGirl

  1. Hi Cheryl,
    I just found out your first name. I hope it’s okay if I call you “Cheryl”. I came back to thank you so much for following my blog.
    I read what you wrote here. I am originally from New York with many relatives in New Jersey. As a result, I’ve been there several times.
    You said “A” is two birthday and Easter. Mine is April 27. Do you also have a birthday in April?
    At any rate, thank you so much for following my blog. I look forward to getting to know you better.


    • Hi Janice, it’s actually Michele, which I don’t think suits me, so Cheryl is okay by me! LOL. I’m one of two family members born in February, everyone else is stuffed into April and August.

      You have a great blog, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, Janice!


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