Shipping Today!

Today I join the ranks of those who ship out holiday presents to family in far-flung locations. To some, this concept is old-hat. These are the folks who may be a bit nervous hearing all the news that abounds about the post being backed up because so many more people are shopping online this year.  I have no point of reference, so I’m just kind of going with it.

Last night I lovingly wrapped gifts for my niece and nephew. I tried to avoid some of the delicate bows and tenuous attachments (I love making present stacks in themes!) that I would normally do when I have full charge of the packages from the time I wrapped them to the time they are delivered by me safely in front of the sitting child. I know the carrier is not exactly going to treat my package (that looks like all other packages) with much TLC. And that’s fair, because I probably wouldn’t either.

Well, no. Full disclosure: I probably would cringe around every corner if I was a package-deliverer-driver. I would love to deliver packages as carefully as they were intended. If a box was labeled fragile, I would likely keep it on my lap. I’m just a careful person. So scratch that earlier sentence, I want a deliverer like me! I’ll pay extra! In addition to speed variances, they should also have service variances such as Usher, Concierge, Mr. McFeely, and Old English Butler. I would like my package convoyed by a fairy godmother, please. How much is that?


Mr. McFeely Style- $24.95 plus tax

Anyway, there aren’t any breakables being shipped this time, I went minimal on the wrapping, the only thing to really worry about is one gift. I got my nephew a Mickey Mouse clubhouse emblem “shield” for his bedroom wall. It’s adorable. It is also a circle. How do you wrap a circle? Well, there are a number of ways, none of which were practical or available to me at this juncture. I could not find a gift box wide enough. I do not want to put it in a gift bag. While kids are still kids I want them to enjoy the ripping of paper and the shaking open of boxes, well the seven-year-old, anyway. They have one small gift bag each this year. I tied up the handles so much that they aren’t going to be able to open them without supervision and some scissors, but they’ll stay closed through shipping, I think.

So, I got crafty wrapping my circle. I had two of those extra-thick sheets of bubble wrap, the kind you get when someone buys you something exceedingly breakable and expensive. I had it saved with all my oddly-shaped or otherwise save-able wrapping accoutrements that I keep year to year. I wrapped one side to side across the shield, and the other top to bottom. I sealed the ends with a big binder clip and half a roll of tape. Then I proceeded to wrap my vaguely square package (heh, heh, hehhhhh) in pink Minnie Mouse paper (sorry, baby boy).

I’m proud to say that the deadline for shipping ground to arrive by December 24th is Tuesday the fifteenth, but here it is Sunday morning the thirteenth, and I am ready to go. It may take me half the afternoon to work out which shipping box to purchase, and how to pack it all just so, but I’m ready to see what’s what. My fear is that when I find a box wide enough to encapsulate the shield, it is going to also be very tall and very long, and, naturally, very expensive. Plus, with all that extra room, the other gifts will be swimming around in there because every other item I’m shipping is quite small and compact.

Well, I’m going to get after this, and hope for the best. I will be there at the other end to see this package opened, because I don’t think it will be so early that my sister can add these gifts to those under the tree. They will probably arrive on the promised Christmas Eve, in which case, I told her not to open the box. I’ll open it Christmas Morning, inspect for damages, create individual piles and deliver them elf-style to the kids like I do every year.


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