Ticket to Fly

So, they really make you pay a steep price for not being exceedingly proactive, huh?

This year I’m thankful that I WAS proactive and booked our Christmas trip to Florida at the end of September. My sister has been checking flights for some more of the extended family and they have just been going up and up and up.

I just plugged in our flights this morning (that are still available, btw) and it seems that very few people want to fly at 5:55 on Christmas morning, and come back at the same time on the following Monday. Be that as it may, each ticket costs about $150 more than we paid. Phew!

I have this jaded, bitter attitude when it comes to things like this. There are X number of tickets available, the airlines are going to charge you some range between bare minimum and insane maximum for the privilege of traveling, and it’s basically first come, first served. I’m into that. The earlier you get your s#&% together, the less you will have to pay. It’s the same concept, I think, as having a specific line in the store for people who are better-prepared. << This should be a thing.

However, I could easily have fallen into the other, more last-minute, less prepared, annoying-people-on-the-plane-category. There were a number of theories and plans being bandied about when we were planning out Christmas, and by default, Thanksgiving. I could have waited a few weeks, sure. Then I would have been bemoaning the fact that I could have done this cheaper.

Speaking of doing it cheaper, I refused to pay up front for a checked bag. I was already charging enough money for these tickets, and their associated fees and taxes, and I wasn’t going to promise another penny. Knowing that my road to ruin is paved with good intentions, I figured if it came down to it on the day, we would just pay the $25 or whatever for one checked bag. But the more I think about it… we may just forgo this completely. We may not need it. No jinxes!

I overpack.


Confession of an over-packer: I’ve brought a small suitcase instead just stowing an extra outfit in the car for a one-night-stay-over for a concert. I can’t help it.

I am NOT a high-maintenance mitten at all. I wear cotton clothing, lots of t-shirts and jeans, I don’t own an iron or a hairdryer. I am always warm, so none of my clothes are very bulky. A pair of jeans is about the bulkiest thing I own, and I usually wear a pair on the flight, so don’t need to pack them. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, just lipstick and eyeliner. I don’t have a gajillion hair products, or shoes, or I don’t know what-all those “gloves” (read “other women”) bring on a trip.

I’m sure my sister can provide us with toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. I’m sure we’ll have clean pillowcases and hangers and all the stuff I normally (abnormally?) bring in my suitcase so that I don’t have to use what the hotel is trying to pass off as clean. I’m sure I can steal a twisty hair towel from my sister or niece, there will be no need for my emergency kit, and there will be plentiful snacks in the house.

So, we are flying on Christmas morning. We will both be wearing jeans and jackets. Pretty much exactly what we’ll be wearing home on Monday morning. When we arrive on Friday, we’ll probably change into comfies (I need to look into trademarking that), and that takes care of 2 days of our not-quite-4-day trip. We need clothes for Saturday and Sunday, when we go visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, The Simpsons, The Minions, and the rest of the Universal Studios gang. I promise another post or 7 on that topic.

Therefore, I can carry a backpack with our clothes, deodorants, toothbrushes, and a book. The necessities. John’s backpack will have our electronic accoutrements, maybe a gift or two, and flip-flops. Done!

Amazon, supplemented by my own package through the U.S. postal service (going to try to just do one) will take care of getting our presents for the kiddos under their tree ahead of time. We will exchange gifts with my parents beforehand, they are going before us and will leave about when we do. The other adults are all buying each other whatever we want from our forays into the theme park as our Christmas gifts. Done and Done!

I’m getting excited! Lists, lists and more lists! It’s the holiday season!


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