Why is this sound universal for mice-spotting? In every book or comic I’ve ever read (not that there are so many that have such an occurrence) this group of letters has practically achieved onomatopoeia status. Nothing communicates the surprise and revulsion one feels when seeing a little rodent where one doesn’t belong quite like “Eeeek!”

So, there was a mouse in the office two days ago.

I said “Eeeek!”.

I climbed on top of my chair.

I got off the chair.

I fluttered my hands and danced around.

I acted like such a stereotype. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Here’s what happened. I will try not to use descriptive adjectives, just a somewhat dry account of the proceedings:

I was walking down the hallway on my way back from the cafeteria. I see two women standing in an odd sort of area, sort of against the middle of a cubicle wall at the end of a row. Two feet away in any direction would put them either at their own desks, or out in a common area, or over to where I just came from. One seemed a bit frazzled, one seemed like they were trying to take the situation in hand. I tried to reign in my curiosity and continue to my desk (one desk away, mind you) but I heard the muttering as I took my seat. “…. can’t believe….supposedly this happens all the time… we are surrounded by woods, and where we sit is just above the loading dock…so gross…” Okay. So, I could read the writing on the wall there. I stick my head around, with a questioning look in my eyes. “What’s going on?” I ask. To my own ears, I do not sound hysterical, just maybe “politely inquiring with a bit of trepidation”, perhaps.

Apparently, Girl 1 was coming down the hall to her cubicle when a man (a stranger to her, as she’s brand-new) who was at her desk called to her “Something is waiting for you!” (She told me later that she thought someone might have sent her flowers, poor thing.) At about the same moment, a coffee cup came to hand, and, in short order, an empty trash bin. This man trapped this creature in a styrofoam coffee cup. He is Superman.

Then, he and another no-nonsense woman from the other end of the row put the trash bin over that, and called Facilities. Right after this, I came down the hall. Thankfully, I did not have to see it. But I heard it. And hearing it struggling was more than enough, thank you.

Girl 2 tried to maintain decorum in the area. She also tried to contain the story from spreading like wildfire throughout our floor. She found out that they do pest control every single weekend, but occasionally things like this happen. Yikes! I think that freaked me out more. The certainty of it, that nothing can keep these disgusting things away from our pretty office disturbs me much more than it being a random thing that would surely never happen again.

I wigged out the rest of the day. I looked at the floor every 3.8 seconds, sure I saw something scurrying out of the corner of my eye as I tried to concentrate on work. It took quite a while for me to calm my racing heart. And I didn’t even see the thing!

Just the knowledge was enough to send me into a complete tizzy. Which continued the whole next day as well. I’m sure, come Monday I will probably still be freaking out, but at least I’ll have a brief respite this weekend.


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