On the Bench

Just came in from another hour or so whiling away the time on the bench in the center “courtyard” (not really) of our complex. The pattern lately is that I go out around mid-afternoon with some garbage to be taken to the dumpster or a load of stuff to take to the car and after dropping off my cargo, I sit with the guys and gals and watch the passers-by and the activity around the ‘hood.

I also have been “on the bench” in life, both lately and always-ly. Work, our engagement, our house, future… everything.

There are days that I want to do nothing but lay around perpetuating the bad mood I am already in (I know!), and when I do so, I don’t even get on the computer at all, much less write my blog. On the days that I am busy and in a good mood and a good frame of mind to write, I am too busy to actually do so.

I want to keep up with my blogging. I know that now is the time to make sure the habit is good and ingrained before going back to work and resuming regular responsibilities.

The time is now. C’mon, me!


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