Arriving last Saturday (by 8 pm)

Really? Because it is now Wednesday afternoon at 4 PM and I still do not have my package!

So, in the spirit of all the happy de-cluttering (aka massive throwing-out binge party) I’ve been doing, I ordered this “under the shelf basket” so I could free up one of my four measly kitchen drawers.


I have been trying to resist the temptation to buy storage solutions to put me in the frame of mind for decluttering. So far, I have bought only this plus a few extremely specific containers from the dollar store. This is the antithesis of all my previous attempts, which have resulted in a whole bunch of unused containers, which are now part of the clutter problem, as opposed to the solution. Ironic, eh?

I became aware of this after I spent some time 2 weeks ago reading a book called “The Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, and I’ve been trying to follow the advice as best I could. One of the biggest points is not to try to tailor the methodology, it should work for everyone, but I’m finding that a bit tough. This is not accounting for small apartment living with “outside” laundry services, and also does not allow for putting what you have taken out somewhere while you work on it for weeks. But I’ve been sticking really close to the rest of it!

Anyway, after careful consideration of going rogue and purchasing another solution before I completed phase 1, I ordered this shelf last Tuesday. I’ve been seeing it on Pinterest for a year or so, and wanted to look into ordering it. And now I did. Yay, me! Meeting goals and doing stuff…

On Friday, the shipping information was finally updated to “On the Way… Arriving Saturday by 8 PM”, but did not give any tracking numbers. However, it did say that it left Pennsylvania on Friday evening and was en route to carrier. For those of you as US-geographically-hopeless as I am, Pennsylvania immediately borders New Jersey. I felt hopeful, though, that my package would arrive Saturday as stated. It didn’t.

It didn’t come Monday, of course, being Memorial Day. It didn’t come yesterday, but should have. I thought it would definitely be here today, it is not.

And yet, the website still says “Arriving (present tense) Saturday May 23 by 8 pm.” Cool! Time Traveling for $14.99 plus shipping and handling! The future is now!


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