Frustrated, Incorporated

We could build a factory
And make misery
We’ll create the cure
We made the disease

Frustrated Incorporated
Frustrated Incorporated

If you would like to listen to “Misery”, please visit Soul Asylum’s website, here.

I started with the second verse of this song that is one of my “theme” pieces of music, because it is the one that resonates most. Especially lately.

I need to have a nice long sit-down with myself, because I need a good talking-to about spreading misery. I am miserable, however, I don’t need to act that way, thereby spreading it. I live in an over-populated area, in this self-entitled pocket of the globe and it just keeps multiplying on itself and getting ever harder to deal with. The world we live in, the way we live, the way we think others live (thanks, reality TV!), and just dealing with others on a daily basis has contributed to even more misery as unemployment and acts of hate and violence rise.

I need to tell myself to chill. I’ve been going through a depressed-angry-depressed cycle for a bit, and I really hate the way I feel. I haven’t been blogging very much because why should I spew and rant all over this space? So, I’ve been de-cluttering and errand-ing as an outlet for my energy, and playing zombie-bashin’ games at night as an outlet for my frustration. I should be blogging every day though, I find I am better off with that focus, and with that happiness of connecting with like-minded people.

I’ve worked hard over the years to at least hold true to a semi-normal patience level, which is on a short-leash for strangers, but a long one for my peeps. Oddly enough, I am just the type of person to strike up a conversation with a stranger just to make the trip to the grocery store a bit happier, however, I have a low tolerance for entitlement and stupidity, and I see a lot of both. My level of patience and tolerance has taken a serious downturn, because that leash is short for everyone at the moment.

When I am working, when I am contributing to, and feeling valued by, society, I am a much better person. My home is messy, but I’m pretty happy, nonetheless.

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