Blogging from A to Z Challenge: Reflections”>

Well, May is now here and I’ve taken a couple of days off, but I’m back in the saddle!

I loved the A to Z challenge, it was an exercise in focus that I think I sorely needed, being a newbie blogger. It gave me something to write about each day (but with enough creative freedom that I could write about whatever came to mind for that letter) and encouraged me to post each day.

Judging by the stats and comments, it seemed like depression, fear and spooky children held sway over sandwiches, videogames and my much-aligned home state. You guys are my kind of people!

My personal favorites were probably French Bread Pizza and Potpourri, but I enjoyed each and every one. I’m learning about and working on some new aspects of the blog (dividing up/categorizing, doing a blog roll, and working on my pinboard).  I’m trying to get all my favorite pins from my personal account (which has over 7,000 little time-wasters on it) to my blog account. I’ll post my user name and connect to my blog when I’m more finished (I’m at about 700 pins, a mere tenth of the way, so don’t look now, because it is not ME yet! LOL)

I thank everyone for their support and feedback this April! I enjoyed everyone else’s challenge that I wandered into. Great job, all!


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