Q is for Quoteboard

Though it cannot be found in a dictionary, that is a word to me. For as long as I could remember, I have tracked the funny things that people in my life and I say. When I was young, I scrawled funny quotes on a sheet of notebook paper, taped to the side of my tall desk. In college, I upgraded to nice sheets of posterboard, and written in black Sharpie marker, sticky-taped to the back of our dormitory door. Now, I have a dry-erase board on my refrigerator that needs to be taken down, saved for posterity somehow, and replaced with a fresh one. Because we are funny all the time.

To make the board, a quote has to be “called” for the board, either by the sheer hilarity that is ensuing after the quote originated, or by recalling a previous episode of quote-related giggles, and declaring that now it is an official quote. Our quotes are almost always something we have said, and not something read or heard on TV or in movies.

I can only remember one quote from my “teenager” board, and it ties in nicely with the post below that I wrote for today’s Writing 101 challenge, about how neat my mother is, and my childhood home. The quote is “Look at that CURTAIN!” Its author is my mother, all 4 feet-ten inches of her whirling around the house with cleaning implements in hand, in constant motion to eradicate mess. One day, I was told that I couldn’t go out until my room was spotless, so my bestie and I cleaned our little butts off, because we really wanted to go to wherever it was. Not a speck of dust was visible, we vacuumed the carpet off the floor, and no item was untouched in our quest for clean supremacy. We looked around, so satisfied with our work and started to prepare to leave. I shouted for Mom to come in and give us the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. When she finally came in and looked upon our hopeful faces, I could swear she softened for a minute. But, as she scanned the perimeter, she saw something that negated all of our beautiful work. “Look at that CURTAIN“, she exclaimed. One of us must have looked out the window in our excitement to get outside, and the curtain was now parted oddly. To this day, we still use that quote. My mom, now a grandma and much more relaxed, just laughs and denies it. Too bad I don’t still have the quoteboard.

I can recall many quotes from my college days, the most ‘PG’ of which is “Hey, put that truck DOWN“. There was a tiny circular area outside of our dorm, and our windows looked upon it. The actual parking was quite far away, but this is the area in which you could be picked up. Most times, cars just idled along the curve of the circle, but there were 4 spaces earmarked for 15 minute parking. There was an occasion when our friend Jason came around with his big yellow pickup, parked in 15-minute and came upstairs to meet us. After partying for a while, someone noticed the beeping noise was a few floors below and yelled into the room that they were towing the truck. I got wildly offended in the way someone hopped up on…er… Brussels Sprouts…could be, and screamed out the window at the offending tow truck: “Hey, PUT that truck DOWN!” I assure you, this was hysterical at the time, and, it was the most innocuous quote I could remember, not the funniest story.

I can see the present quoteboard on the refrigerator from my seat at the computer. Let’s pick a few for the nice people:

I love breakfast foods at night“, me, this is to be read in a yelp, yet dragged out with laughter because I was being tickled at the time. I’m sure all my neighbors heard this, and were unsurprised by the smells of frying eggs, bacon and French toast wafting from our place shortly thereafter.

— “Woe betide the ravenous“, me, trying to quote.. somebody…after reading my latest Jen Lancaster (new book out next month…I love you, Jen!), referring to the way I inhaled the book in less than a day and now had to wait “for-ever” for the next one.

— “Afternoon, Rip Van Wink-let“, John, greeting me after I slept well into mid-day and crept into the living room trying to be unobtrusive. He adds “-let” to everything when referring to me. I find this adorable, and it makes me feel adorable. Yay!

How about you, dear readers? Any fun quotes to share?


2 thoughts on “Q is for Quoteboard

  1. I remember one from my high school days: “Mail, EVERYWHERE.” It was a… brussels sprouts induced giggle fest as to whether hitting a mail truck was a federal offense. And adding -let is adorable. lol

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