P is for Potpourri

Nope, not the dried flower petal stuff that makes me sneeze, more like the Jeopardy! category. The following are all the ideas I had for this A to Z challenge that didn’t make the cut, but are still worth a brief mention:

B is for Bookstore

I love the bookstore. I miss the bookstore. I remember bookstores that were not part of big chains. Those are mostly gone, but in recent memory we lost “Borders Books and Music”. I cried and ranted and despaired about the future of this country, but I also shopped until I dropped. I really, really really wanted those sliding library ladders that were on sale for a mere 400 dollars. I’m sure one day I’ll have a small room that I could devote to books in a house. Hey, if John could have a man cave and a garage/tinkering area, I could have a real, old-fashioned library. And I’m short. I need the ladders. Since he is handy, he could install them and fix them when they break from me riding around the room like a deranged book-ish cowgirl all day.

We do have a used bookstore nearby. It’s fairly large, they sell some new books, but mostly, it’s just a place to lose yourself for a couple of hours before running back to your car in metered parking. I just visited again yesterday, bringing in a bursting shopping bag and a small box full of books. I exited with the 4th Harry Potter book, $6.00 in credit for a future purchase, and half the shopping bag full of “rejects”, books that they had too many copies of, which are now destined for my town’s public library.

Support your local bookstores, if you can!

B is for Bugs and Birds and Bunnies, but not Bats

Even though I had a mini-revelation while writing about a fear of clowns (I’m now calling it a disturbance), I have a few other “irrational” fears. Irrational is in quotations, they are not irrational fears, per se, but some people find them ridiculous so they wrongly place them in that category.

I am terrified of birds. Petrified, panic-stricken and terrorized by flying creatures (except for bats, which oddly enough don’t really bother me). No, I have never seen the Hitchcock movie. Yes, I turn away whenever a clip comes on during something I’m watching. I freak out when small brown birds fly across my path as I’m walking to my car.

I’ve always been afraid of birds. This fear was compounded when a friend of a friend decided to play a cruel joke and put their pet bird on my shoulder while I had my back turned. Since then, I actually get a physical memory that re-plays in my brain while looking at any bird that is not technically bothering me. I feel the claws digging, see the beak protruding out of my peripheral vision, and feel the flutter of wings near my neck. Oh, I have to stop talking about this.

Bugs fly too. Gah! I hate bugs. Most people do. I get all itchy when I see bugs. This has also been compounded by a bad experience. When I was young I went camping with my friend’s family. Their trailer (just brought out for the beginning of summer) happened to have a red ant infestation, that we only noticed when we were already in bed for the night. Need I say more?

I don’t like bugs that crawl, I can say that I mind spiders the least (I know, science-peeps, they’re not technically bugs, just making a point). But I don’t freak as much seeing a bug creeping along the floor as I do an airborne item. I’ve got a good chance, even being the spaz that I am, of getting them before they get me. I don’t want to touch them, so I have elaborate schemes involving hairspray and blowdriers and shoes and all manner of weapons (but not books, I would never disrespect a book by getting bug juice on it). Then, once they are good and dead I sing celebratory music over the toilet bowl in which they are now floating, on a raft of the layers of tissue that I used to grasp them in, I shout that this is a lesson to the nearby bug community thinking of coming to visit MY house, I maybe do a little dance, before sending them off with a mighty flush. If John is on his way home anytime soon, I’ll leave the bug there as proof of my awesomeness. If he is already home, this is a moot point. He’s done the killing, while I screamed and stood on the couch, but I’ll pipe up during the flushing like it’s my victory, too. Bugs that fly are completely in his jurisdiction. If alone, I’ll just leave the house.

Bunnies, to me, are just rodents with fluffy tails and bigger ears. I think they are horrid. And there are many of them frolicking around our property in the lowlight (we live just up from the river, I’m told this is why) and I just want to run screaming.  I don’t like Easter paraphernalia at all, what with all the bunnies and chicks plastered about!

I lived for a few years on a property that had a small forest behind it, a woody enclave if you will, and sometimes bats would fly overhead when I would come home late at night. We seemed to have a mutual don’t-bother-me policy, and I didn’t mind them much.

E was almost for empanadas, but again, I’ll leave that to the food bloggers. I have no funny “French Bread Pizza” story about them, I just love them. Shortest post ever!

F was almost for FRIENDS, but that would be the longest post ever. I could have an entire blog devoted to the show, but that’s been done, and done well, by many already.

K was almost for kindergarten. Basically, how much I loved scheduled snacks and naps, and miss having people read me a story. Also, a couple of things worth mentioning happened in kindergarten, so it still may get its own post soon.

O was almost for “old before my time” – I like things from bygone eras. I have love/hate relationships with technology. I am always harkening back to when I was young.. and using these as sentence starters. I love bingo, the quiet, and am a bit of a hoarder. I’ll make this a post as well, sometime in the near future.

R is not going to be for “rabies shots“, but my sister’s family recently found out two things: one, you can be bitten by a bat in your sleep and not know it. Two: you must receive doses, in your stomach, on four different occasions to be vaccinated. Yikes! What did I say before about not being afraid of bats?

4 thoughts on “P is for Potpourri

  1. Oh my goodness. How horrible about the bats. I did not know that they bite and I have slept with them around me as well. Now had I known that I would have been supremely freaking out. I so agree about bookstores. I miss them but thankfully we still have a few here in Canada. And I too have stood on the couch and screamed but usually for mice and squirrels which I detest when they are in my house!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can relate to so many of these! Definitely bookstores, and Friends! I never thought about kindergarten being so good with structure, but yeah… now I miss it, too! And I really feel old before my time. I like the internet but hate smartphones and a lot of other technology and social networking, so most of the time I just feel like a crotchety old woman!

    – Allison


    • Oh, I constantly talk about how companies should structure the workday similar to kindergarten. I mean, tell me they didn’t get a lot of good stuff out of us, after giving us naps, snacks, and time outside


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