O is for Opportunity (faintly) Knocking

Even though I have only been out of work for two months so far, this time period has had an odd ebb and flow to it, I’ve noticed. One week, there will be nothing in the way of new opportunities telephoned in by my recruiters, and nothing very favorable coming from all my “job alert” emails, but I apply to stuff nevertheless. Another week, it’s a “rains=pours” situation. Sometimes these “weeks” aren’t whole weeks, they could be 3 good days and 2 nothing days, or 9 nothing days and one good day (I’m speaking in workweeks, heh.)

This week it poured early in the week, I had three hot new prospects going on, dancing in my head while I pushed out email responses in between doing things around the house. One of these sort of dribbled out early on its own, one is still active but a low priority, and the other resulted in a phone interview for yesterday, at my previous (favorite!) place of employment.

Which didn’t happen. In this big company, and a lot of others like it, especially nowadays, there are two middle-men between a candidate and the person hiring for the job. The two middlemen are the in-house recruiting firm and the preferred vendors that supply candidates to the in-house firm. Essentially, using 4 people (and computer software) to do the work of two. Well, you know what they say about too many cooks…

The interview was proposed on Wednesday via email, for a phone call to take place on Thursday sometime between 10 am and noon. The interviewer’s job was to provide his choices out of the resume pile to the in-house representative, and give her the dates and times he would be available to connect. The in-house rep’s job was to contact the recruiters that submitted the lucky resumes and have them confirm details and provide phone numbers (the resumes get “blinded” prior to the in-house company receiving them) for the candidates. The candidates’ job is to pick a time and confirm their phone number. This all takes place within the software tool. The job gets posted through it, the emails get sent out of it, the responses get input back to it and the interviews get posted on the interviewer’s schedule, all with little opportunity for human error. But the two recruiting firms each have to input the “responding” information for a meeting to actually be scheduled. I did my job, my recruiter did his (it’s my dad, so I’m sure of this!), obviously, the interviewer did his job, so who is left? Who dropped the ball? Ooooh, pick me, pick me!  I know who has the butter fingers (mmmmmm… Butterfingers….)!

I was furious yesterday. Coldly furious. Even after being told that it is all right, that the interviewer doesn’t know anyone did any ball-dropping, he only knows that he is set up to talk to me on Monday at 10:00 am, and that I shouldn’t worry about it, I am still seething that this happened at all. My resume, my persona, and the specifications of the job all demand a detail-oriented individual who is dilligent and wants to complete goals. For it to appear that I didn’t have the wherewithal to make time for a call on Thursday, and am instead putting it off until Monday, infuriates me. On Tuesday, my previous manager contacted him with a personal glowing recommendation which is the only reason he is seeing me, because my relevant experience is a little too buried on my resume… and now this. Ugh.

Completely unrelated to the events of yesterday, my old girlfriends called me to have a lunch visit for today. I went. I know where this ball-dropper sits, and am here at my computer now to report that she remained unaware of my presence in the building today, even though my evil twin had other ideas.

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