M is for Meh

One of my favorite T-shirts is the one that says “meh.” in small white type on a black background. I get many compliments from those that know what the expression means, and I’ve also gotten many questions from others that don’t.

As I said, the type is really small. You kind of have to read it on purpose. And that coincides with a ‘meh’ feeling. Yeah, I want to tell the world that I’m feeling a bit apathetic today, but I don’t want to announce it with a bullhorn, or 72-point type. I just want to buy my groceries, perhaps exchange pleasantries with the cashier, and get home without a road-rage incident. Occasionally, I may want to be a bit more friendly, say in the case of not being able to reach something on the top shelf, but otherwise, I won’t bother anyone.

Today, I feel meh. Good things have happened on the job front, and I’m excited. But at the same time, I know that if they go in the proper direction and I go back to work soon, I have not even scratched the surface of everything I want to do at home. That makes me miserable. I don’t know what happened to the last month and a half since the craziness of February ended. It feels like 3 weeks, max. Also, I seem to have either lost or misplaced the “gracefulness” that came along with my 40th birthday, because I dropped half my lunch on the bottom of the oven while trying to take it out.

So, all together, “meh.” is what M stands for today.

3 thoughts on “M is for Meh

  1. My brother got me a similar shirt years ago… black, with teeny tiny little white letters saying “Nosy little bastard, aren’t ya?”



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