Writing 101: A Whisper in Each Ear

I may be “cheating” a little bit with challenge’s twist today, but this is what I’ve come up with, after dismissing “Acts Like a Pump, Looks Like a Sneaker” in favor of this similar theme.

I am standing in the bedroom, wearing a bra and panties, listening to my two clothing choices war with one another. Even though I just got out of the shower, I am already sweating on this super-hot August day. We are going out in a little while, not anywhere nice, but we’re not going to the gym or the park or anything either. My summer-long debate continues. Let’s tune in.

Sundress: “Wear me, you know you want to, you won’t sweat (much) wearing me. And, of course, I make you look so pretty!”

Cutoffs: “Pshaw, you’ll be annoyed in Dress ‘cuz your thighs will sweat and chafe, and you’ll be miserable, wishing you tugged me on.”

Sundress: “That’s just it. She has to “tug you on”. Me, I just slip right over the head and float down like a gentle breeze over her body.”

Cutoffs: “Gentle breeze is right. You think I don’t know how annoyed she gets always having to make sure you aren’t flying up while she’s walking somewhere?”

Sundress: “At least I’m not tight in the waist, thereby restricting movement! Who wants that, where she’s going?”

Cutoff Sweat Pants: “Hey, don’t forget about me, I’m shorts and I’m not tight!! Pick me, please oh please”

Sundress and Cutoffs: “Give it up sweats, you are not even in the game today! Close your drawer!”

Sundress: “Oooooh… I think I’m getting picked, yes!”

Cutoffs: “Don’t do it, you’ll have to sit like a lady all day!”


Cutoffs: “I win! I win! Neener, neener!”


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