L is for Lingo

Does anyone remember this show? I loved it! I’m such a word nerd!

It’s amazing how many words aren’t 5 letters. See the montage below, where contestants kept guessing 6-letter (or 4-letter) words instead of the 5.

Lingo Game Show

The show stopped taping a few years ago, but I’m going to watch them again online. I’m on a kick now, and once I get on a kick I have to completely binge on a show, and then I’m good to not watch it again for a while. It is also time to start re-watching 3rd Rock from the Sun, again. Look for my posts to be peppered with quotes from Dick, Sally, Harry, Tommy and Jane in the near future.

Well, I have some job-search-related stuff to do this afternoon, so I better get going. This may be my shortest post yet!


3 thoughts on “L is for Lingo

  1. I think I remember Lingo reruns from the Game Show Network, but I’m going to have to check it out and see. I LOVE game shows! And 3rd Rock from the Sun. Some of those quotes crack me up even just reading them, so I can’t wait!

    – Allison


    • Lingo, Lingo, Lingo! Maybe with all this attention they’ll tape more episodes. Haaaaaa.

      I’m thinking of watching out of 3rfts order, which is rare for me, but I’m really jonesing for some of my favorite episodes… Dick with the tipping, the whole family trying to go mainstream (That’s my Grisham!)…


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