Writing 101: The Letter

“I’m so proud of you.”

These words were scrawled on a sheet of white paper, the sort of office supply-wholesale recycled white paper that is bound at the top by a bit of glue on a pad of 300 or so sheets. Since the sentence appeared at the top of the page, I had to wonder if there was more to the letter, and this was just the closing, and the signature was implied.

Everyone needs to know that those they care about and love, or even work with and respect, is proud to know them. I wish I could make sure that this person received the letter that I found in the parking lot. Where did it come from? Who wrote it? Who was it intended for, and did they receive it? Did it mean the world to them, but just got misplaced, or did they never even know how this person valued them?

I can’t just drop the note back on the ground where I found it. I also can’t bring myself to throw it in the garbage can in front of the store. I feel dumb keeping it. Maybe I will take an ad out in the paper:

Found: One sheet of paper that could change a person’s perspective in life. To all readers: someone out there is proud of you. Have a wonderful day!

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