Three Songs

I agonized over this decision. Only three songs. I’m a person that relates music to everything, and everything to music. I really have six songs that mean so much to me that are perfect for a post about songs are personally meaningful. I have so many songs that feel like anthems, that evoke memories, and that feel like I could have written them. Just three, though:

Karma Police — Radiohead

I am a huge believer in Karma. I have the word tattooed on my person. I also have a bit of a perverse mind that delights in schadenfreude and irony, displayed wonderfully in the video. I often write pieces of these lyrics down for various reasons, I post them on FB sometimes, I even tack them up on physical bulletin boards, and scribble them in notebooks. I really wanted to tattoo most of the lyrics on my shoulder, and still may at some point.

Hallelujah — Jeff Buckley

I love all versions of this song, but I think the Jeff Buckley version is best, because his voice in particular hits a chord way down deep inside me. I am not a religious person. However, everyone has a right to believe anything they want to believe and I won’t judge them. I only ask the same in return. That’s all I’ll say on the matter. I do believe all souls, regardless of what they believe in, acknowledge the existence of an ultimate glorious feeling within themselves. This song inspires such a feeling inside of me, not because of words like “Hallelujah” and the first verse’s references to David and the Lord, but the meaning of the song. The longing for a feeling of peace (whether good or bad) at long last, and the grateful aching release it brings to arrive at such a place.

Here Comes The Sun — The Beatles

This is such a happy song, and I’m not a bubbly person (see above, and reference anything you’ve learned about me from previous posts). However, it is the happiness that comes after either a period of sadness, of the sun finally warming your skin after a “long, cold. lonely winter.” To me, it is even more so about a thrill that is tinged with the sadness of what came before, and the fear that happiness will be taken away again. I cry every time I hear this song, which is ironic, and very, very Mitten.

Honorable mentions go to: American Pie by Don MacLean, Sunshine of Your Love by Cream, and Runaway Train by Soul Asylum.

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