Dog Day Morning

I’ve been thinking a lot about getting another dog, for a few years now. Lately, it is really getting me down. It’s very, very often on my mind.

Like I’ve wrote (read: complained) here many times, we live in a teeny, tiny apartment. Seriously. Less than 450 square feet. And those square feet aren’t dog friendly, but almost everyone in the complex has at least one dog. I don’t get it. Some of them live in studio apartments (even smaller than ours, no defined spaces) and they have large dogs. I’m not telling anyone how to live their life, but for me, the dog needs a little room, and so do the people. It’s not fair to the dog to have you getting nasty with him or her because you can’t turn around, or he happened to be going about his business and knocked something of yours over, or she was in your way and you couldn’t reach the refrigerator, or what have you.

So, okay. We could go the small dog route. But I don’t want to. I like big dogs. The dogs I had growing up were a smallish-medium sized one at first, then we had three small dogs. I like me some big dogs, dammit! I also was not allowed to have cats, as my mother’s afraid of them. No big dogs, no cats, and I always got into trouble for playing with cats that found me around the neighborhood. I don’t know, for some reason, I seemed to attract them, and my mother would flip out and try to rush me to the doctor for a rabies shot. Luckily, the doctors sensed my mom was acting insane, and that these were probably house cats I was petting (which is what I said) and I did not spend my pre-teen years getting a shot in the belly every few weeks.

Also, there is no way I could even get a small dog, anyway. Our place is just too jam-packed with furniture, non-furniture and nonsense, plus the way the place is laid out makes it very tricky to have a dog. There is no wall space at all, therefore no place to put water/food bowls in the kitchen or anywhere else. There is also no place for a puppy’s newspaper or eew-eew (sorry, I meant wee-wee) pad that is not in the middle of everything. So, no dog, right?

That does not stop me from obsessing. We went on the dolphin excursion/boat trip when we were in the Florida Keys last month, and I spent most of the time playing with the dog. I loved Maya, she was such a pretty Golden Retriever and she was into the love. She’s on the commercial for Android, “Furever Friends” she’s the one swimming with the dolphin. You could catch in on youtube if you haven’t seen it.


Here’s a picture we took of her during the trip. She didn’t swim with them at that time, but just look at her. She wants to get out and play. Oodelally, oodelally, golly, what a day!

I have Pinterest boards that I don’t pin every single cute pin I find of dogs, but I still have so many pins of dogs. I think about how cute they are all the time when I see my neighbors walking them and am seriously contemplating offering my services as dog-walker for the neighborhood. I’m home, I need exercise, I miss having some dog lovin’, and I’m the responsible sort that they could trust, as I’ve lived in this place for 13 years or so. Also, these people have bad clean-up habits, so I think that it would be just a good idea all around.

I’m still thinking about it. I don’t want to commit to it, then find a job a few days later and not be able to follow through. Alternatively, I could be out for months just sitting here, wishing I had done it.

The last reason I’m thinking about them is that I’m really missing my dog that passed 6 years ago. There is still a small patch of snow in the parking lot behind our apartment, and I know that he’d be trying to lay on it all the time. That’s what he did in our yard, he would find the last little patch of snow, stretch his little self out, and lower his belly onto the snow and just hang out there with a blissful expression on his face. Ugh, I miss him so much.

I just miss having a dog to take care of and cuddle with. It is such a great alleviator of depression, and I feel as if I need it.

Maybe I’ll put together a cute little flyer and get some puppy time with the neighbor dogs.

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