You Take the Good, You Take the Bad…

Okay, now that I’ve got all of you singing “The Facts of Life” (I miss Mrs. G!) I’m going to write a post about the good and the bad of everyday life. The big, the small, and the medium-size issues all have a positive and a negative aspect, but if that isn’t immediately apparent, know that maybe the other party (or yourself in the future) is seeing this in black and white, and soon your view will sharpen, too. You just have to hang out a bit. Other times, it is readily apparent and patently obvious. Such is life.

The stories included in two recent posts of mine, one about my singing, and one about my neighbors, have sort of melded together to make a good illustration of the wisdom nugget above. Saturday I came home and my honey was looking a bit put out, I asked what was going on and he said the guy upstairs was singing for a while, and (wait for it…) he made me sound good! Now, I knew that was a backhanded compliment at best, but I took it. I took it so well, in fact, that I flung my arms around him and started jumping up and down, thanking him and kissing his head sloppily. You’d think he had never complimented me before! But you don’t understand, this the first time since puberty that someone said something about my singing that was remotely complimentary. So that was great, but harshing my buzz was that this is a reminder of how close we live to our neighbors and how much we want to move.

Anyway, going from a full-time job to the unemployed lifestyle is rough. Now, now, hear me out. I know laying around all day sounds good, I know that being able to set your own schedule seems perfect. I know everyone, myself included, says “Now I can finally…”  do whatever is involved in being able to accomplish your more uncommon errands and things in life that never seem to get done. But, after a while (and the amount of time a “while” is varies greatly from person to person) it just gets old. And depressing.

We’ve had a lot of bad weather this winter. Spring has finally sprung, which is good, even though there is still a stubborn patch of snow in back of my building, and it’s time to join the world outside. No one wants to go here and there when it’s snowing or raining or freezing. Hey, you’re unemployed, there’s always tomorrow to do that!

We have my favorite weather right about now and for the foreseeable. I love 55 degrees, time to open the moonroof, all of the windows, and take Shirley (my RAV4) for a spin. I ask everyone I meet, “Where in this country — or another one, I’m not picky — can I find ’55 and sunny’ for most of the year?” I get answers such as blank stares, or “You’re crazy, don’t you like summer?” or “I don’t know, look it up”. But, I digress.

Even though sun is streaming through my kitchen window, and I know it’s around 50 degrees out there, I am still sitting here in my pajamas (today they are an old Key West souvenir T-shirt from years ago that has a round hole the size of a quarter in the stomach region, along with some stretched-out purple sweats), un-showered, writing this blog. I do have errands to do, I have to make a return to Target, and I should go get my taxes done.

On days that I don’t leave the house (whether for “good reason” or just because I’m SuperLazy) I always find that those nights are the longest, the most boring and depressing. John goes to bed around 11, and I stay up, supposedly for an hour or two, but it ends up that I find myself wide awake at 3 a.m., bored of all my games and my book, and just in a funk that even if I got projects done in the house that day, I didn’t get out in the world, and now I’m infringing on tomorrow’s possibilities because I’m probably going to sleep well into tomorrow afternoon if I don’t get to sleep now.

With all this in mind, I should not be sitting here writing. I should pop some lunch in the oven, take a shower, call the tax place to make sure they have time for me today, find my mortgage statement with the tax information on it, eat lunch and get on out of here!

I’m still sitting.

P.S. For hysterical comics that illustrate the woes of being an adult much better than I can, visit “Hyperbole and a Half“, ( written by Allie Brosh. In particular, my post most closely relates to the entry entitled “This is Why I’ll Never Be an Adult” from June 2010.

P.P.S. I know I’ll figure out linking and blogrolling soon. Until then, hopefully the above is sufficient.


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