Beep, Beep…Beeeeeeeeeeeep!

No, that is not my imitation of the loading of the “Write a new post” window (although I love that it says that!). It is all I have been hearing since 9 am this morning. Actually I think it was a little earlier than that, and it is still going now at 4:22 p.m.

They are doing some construction up the street from me and literally every 20 seconds (I’ve counted) a truck or machine goes “Beeep, Beep, Beep” and it lasts for about a minute or two then there’s silence for another twenty seconds. Blessed silence.

I live in a quiet suburb within a busy area. It’s a quiet street, yet it is never truly quiet. I never thought I would notice or desire such a thing in my life, when I was young “the louder, the better” was the way to be. And I still cannot sleep without the TV on. However, in the past few years the volume has been lowered to almost nothing, even though that makes the snoring beside me seem a little louder.

I feel as if I can never get away from noise. A steady noise is one thing; the drone of an air conditioner, the radio in the background, even the click of my fast fingers typing on the keyboard are all good. But, I seem to live within this noisy shell, filled with intrusive sounds blasting away at my peace all the time. Even home alone on a given afternoon when all should be quiet, assuming everyone is out and about, working, or being equally quiet in their own homes, it’s just not.

Our place is one apartment in a building of 4 (2 up, 2 down), next to other buildings with the same configuration. My upstairs neighbor rents his place out to a never ending stream of obnoxious, young, very annoying people. I think it’s part of his application process, and he has a steady supply of those willing to pay first and last month’s rent, and annoy the people downstairs as much as possible. Whose mother comes to their house to visit at 11 o’clock on a Sunday night and knocks on the outside door needing to be let in? Whose? I’m serious! Can anyone tell me? And then to knock on the outside door, instead of calling them and telling them to come down and open it so you don’t annoy everyone else? And, how could my neighbors not know/not care Mom was coming and be on the lookout? This is just beyond me.

They go up and down the stairs like a herd of elephant, and they are constantly clomping around on the hardwood floors up there. They have company at the oddest times (2:00 Thursday afternoon, anyone? Anyone? No, just people that live above ME? Allrighty then!). Sometimes, I could literally hear every word they say clearly, which is not good when you consider that they are a couple and they frequently do what couples do. Loudly. And, it is not like we are quiet down here, we could hear them over our own noise! Do I sound like an old curmudgeon? Should I start using the end of my broom to thump on the ceiling? Should I have the police on speed dial ready to call after 10 pm? Where are my curlers and housecoat?

When one annoying set of neighbors move, we breathe a sigh of relief, and are sure, SURE! EVERY TIME! that the next people will be better. They never are.

I’ve been here thirteen years. It was time to go about 10 years ago.

That is still not the heart of the matter, though. Even within my own home, it’s just not silent. In my car, no silence. In a classroom where tests are being taken it’s actually kind of noisy. Libraries are not silent. Parks are not silent.

Silence no longer exists, it seems. I have a headache.


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