Let Week Two Begin!

Yesterday you said tomorrow” is one of my favorite mantras (if that counts as a mantra, it may be too negative, but it’s mine and I’m sticking with it). I’ve been saying “tomorrow” for such a long time, then, finally, I started my blog last week, and have been pretty prolific thus far. However, I know me, and I know that this is about the time I start getting lazy and overwhelmed, or overwhelmed and lazy.

Maybe if I write about how I don’t want to fall down this rabbit hole, I won’t do it this time. Step away, Alice, step away. Stay in the sunshine.

Reason to Panic #1 (Cheshire Cat): Today I signed up for the A to Z challenge, I’m number 1253 (Note, now I’m number 1229, this will fluctuate, I’ve read). I’m not entirely sure if I want to go full-on and assign myself a theme, or if I think just writing about things starting with Q, X and Z is enough.

Reason to Panic #2 (Red Queen): I have created entire websites in my career. WordPress is easy to use. Yet, somehow I feel flustered by the following: Adding my logo to the top of this new page (I think I like this theme better); How do I add a sidebar so I could display links to the above challenge; How will I add my A to Z number; Who will answer my general links, comments and approval questions??? Maybe the reason I’m all a-flutter is the spazzy mistakes I’ve already made thus far.

It will not be off with my head. I will be a blog-tastic blogger this year and beyond. I could do it!

Tomorrow I will post to my “Dream” reader, as per Blogging 101. I am also going to sign up for this month’s Blogging U. It’s game on and go time. With that said, the man is home and we have a full schedule today. Maybe this evening I will sign on again if I have a case of the guilts about this post not being enough for today. Either way, I will publish an About page in the next 24 hours. En garde!

P.S.: I was submitted for a new assignment at my old company yesterday, please cross your fingers for me!

P.P.S.: Actually, I’m not picky, you can cross anything you want or nothing at all, just please think positively for me and I’ll  be sure to cross my fingers, ankles and 12 plaits of hair when you need it!

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