It was a good day…

Today’s assignment is to explore other themes. The article states that even if you love the one you’ve chosen, try out some others. I loved “Minnow” and now I love this one, too. Especially if I could figure out how to place my mitten logo in the top section. Hmmm.


Yesterday was pretty okay. I went to bed around midnight thinking it was a pretty good day; I wasn’t worried or anxious or particularly sad about anything, and I was going to turn over a new leaf, and wake up at a normal time, not lounge around in my un-employed-ness like I’ve been doing the past few weeks. Around 3 a.m., I fell asleep with a peaceful mind and minimal coercion (“Go to sleep dammit, c’mon, this is ridiculous, how do you expect to get up at 8 if you go to sleep at…2:47 now…c’mon”). Two of those three hours were spent playing with my iPad, the other was berating myself to go to sleep and not pick up the iPad again.

Mainly, it was a good day because it wasn’t a normal (annoying, depressing, maddening) day. It was devoid of my spectacular clumsiness, flare-ups of dissention between FI and I, or proclamations of “we have to move or I’ll explode” from either of us.

Specifically, the following items made it into the day’s plus column, so added to the above, and considering that there were not any minuses (unless you count “I didn’t magically drop 40 pounds overnight”, “I didn’t play, nor win, the lottery” as anything besides such that is obviously implied as a minus.)

+ Saw my bestie for a few minutes.

+ Partook (that is a funny word!) of my favorite breakfast.

+ Finally applied a new screen protector to my phone, as my old one was tempered glass that I managed to crack twice, plus it had a lot of spots and splotches that would never come off.

+ Checked many around-the-house items off of my list.

+ Achieved a long-awaited 5-star rating on the “Worst Songs” playlist on SongPop, it only took a few years. Not that I was not good at it, but I have so many playlists and it hardly ever came up as an option.

+ Learned how to use our new WaterPik.

That last one is the real story of today’s blog. I want this diary to be about the positive things that happen, the funny things that make life great, even when it isn’t.

So, I purchased a WaterPik for the first time a few weeks ago. I know! I always kind of wanted one, and my dentist has been on me about my horrible flossing habits. A typical conversation:

Awesome Dentist: “You really, really need to floss.”

Me: “But.. Dr. Lee, my gums bleed like crazy and having blood and bacteria all over the place is unhygienic and icky. How could you want that?”

Awesome but Exasperated Dentist: “They only bleed because you never do it. They’ll stop bleeding if you just do it a few days in a row. You don’t have to use floss, use the brushes, or the picks, use whatever contraption you want, just as long as you are getting in those spaces every day”

Me: “But, but…. they… BLEED!”

I’m nothing if not stubborn. I do use the floss pick/brush thingies, when there is something in my teeth. When there’s nothing there, I figure there’s nothing in there to get and why would I aggravate my poor gums beyond brushing and rinsing?

So, anyway, I decided to join the ranks of WaterPik lovers everywhere. John has had a few in his lifetime, but has not used one since we’ve been living together. One reason for this is that we have no electrical outlet in or near the bathroom. Another reason, sadly, is probably to keep the peace.

I get us set up and stand there waiting for my lesson. I ask if we brush first or second, I ask if we need to put anything in the water, I ask what attachment thingy I should use, how close to my mouth should it be… I ask everything except “Who was the 24th president of the U.S.?” (P.S. I don’t know. No, I don’t want to look it up, so there! If you thought I was going to wrap up this post cutely with the answer to this question, think again. No political comments here, historical data or otherwise. This is a post about a GOOD day. I’ll wrap it up some other cute way.)

Okay, so we trail a long extension cord into the bathroom and we have everything ready to go. We brush our teeth and John starts rinsing with mouthwash while he waits for me to be a normally-functioning adult with a general concept of cleaning her teeth with this device. Big mistake.

First, I drench the shower curtain trying to figure out the basics of turning the stream of water on and off while I ask him what his level of crazy is that he will be unable to direct/assist this process with a mouth full of Listerine. Seriously. The man rinses for like 4 minutes every night.

When I think I’ve got a grasp of what “mm mHMM um mm. Hu” means, and I’ve got the hang of the water-shooting aspect of the game, I get to work. Get to work drenching the front of my nightshirt with water, that is, because I’ve assumed that I could watch myself do this in the mirror, and am standing straight up so the water sloshes down my chin, crests over my boob shelf, and lands in the bullseye of my “loading” graphic. Tonight’s selection from my T-shirt collection is my “Sarcastic Comment…Loading” one, it’s green, it’s comfy, and now it’s soaked.

Okay, okay. I guess I know where my teeth and stuff are enough to lean all the way over the sink and not have the benefit of the mirror. All goes well from here out, if you don’t count the razzing I received for my poor imitation of a wet T-shirt contest. I don’t know why he made fun of me. It was his fault in the first place for not appropriately supervising this endeavor, and he got some eye candy to boot. Why make fun of me?

Maybe because the entire bathroom was now soaked and he still had to take his turn with our new toy. Ha, ha, because he always soaks the bathroom washing his face and now he gets to suffer the wet sink, wet floor, wet everything like I have to all the f-in time.

Like I said, it was a good day.

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