Topic: The Next Big Thing — An advance in medical technology that benefits all

In response to the prompt “The Next Big Thing

Why do we need to take blood out to test it?

Seriously. I think we should have been asking this question for, I don’t know, maybe half a century??

As a trained medical assistant and ultrasound technician, one who does not mind drawing blood from patients, but cries like a big baby when it is her turn, I feel as if the only people who ask this question are those of us with the fear and trepidation of this procedure.

People that can conceive of a solution need to ask this question. It seems positively prehistoric, in this day and age, with lasers, ultrasound and other procedures that have been created to be minimally invasive and see and treat problems in the body, that we still need to take blood out to test it.

I guess blood draws will still be in common in case of panels (multiple tests done to determine the facets of each sample) but in cases where they are looking for one thing (sometimes repeatedly) by taking multiple vials of blood from the patient? I think this would be the next big thing.

Please, for people like me, tears streaming down our faces and trussed up in one of those chairs or laying down with a buddy holding their other hand, we beg you.


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