Hello world!

This is it. I am finally joining the blogosphere. The title of this blog is Living La Vida Mitten. Sounds pretty cute, I guess, but it doesn’t tell prospective readers anything. Here is some insight:

Mitten (mit-ten) noun: Gloves which cover the entire hand but do not have separate finger openings or sheaths are called mittens. Generally, mittens still separate the thumb from the other four fingers. They have different colours and designs. Mittens have a higher thermal efficiency than gloves as they have a smaller surface area exposed to the cold.

I call myself a mitten. I think it is descriptive, but simple. In the world of covered hands, gloves dominate, but mittens exist. In ways, they are better, in other ways, they are not as good. They are definitely not as popular.

In the warm months and warm areas of the globe, hand coverings are not needed (unless you are into 80’s Madonna/Michael Jackson, or vintage dressing) and no one knows if you have mittens or gloves in your possession. It is only sometimes that the differences between us mittenfolk can be perceived.

This blog will contain missives, ponderings, and sometimes rants about the following: child loss, unemployment, being in a long-term engagement,the joys (snort!) of living in a tiny apartment with two (sometimes three) people, turning 40, and just feeling different. I won’t limit myself to only these topics. As an aspiring writer with a curious mind, there can be any one of a number of things posted on this blog. It could be a long rant on society’s insensitivity to the “1 in 4” one day, and a two-line post about a song lyric I remembered the next.

Anything can happen, and I am glad I am starting today!


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